Oakbrook Outreach

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Hey Oakbrook!

You may have seen Sean and Dave out today and/or received one of our brochures. We’re glad you made it here!

Please consider signing and sharing our petition:


It’s also helpful if the city can hear from you. You can send your comments to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and City Council Members to the City Clerk, Briana Schumacher, who will forward them: <[email protected]>

Finally, if you’d like to join our campaign for a more sustainable Lakewood, contact us at [email protected].

We need help with doorknocking like this and other ways to put pressure on the city and to reach more Lakewood residents.


Please post: respond to Lakewood's tree propaganda video

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Dear Oak Advocates!

The city made a propaganda film about what a great job they are doing preserving trees in Lakewood. At one point Bugher says that the construction of an apartment complex (Echelon) “allowed us to preserve THOUSANDS of oak trees that might have otherwise been lost” (!!!)

Here is the link to the Facebook post with the film - please comment below it:


Also, please comment on SubTimes where the city posted the story as well: …

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Oakwood school / 85th Street S / oak tragedy

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Please contact us about the former OAKWOOD school on 85th Street South here.

There are 80+ Garry oaks on the former Oakwood Elementary School property, which people now use as a park for strolling, and taking children and dogs for walks. Every single tree is slated to be destroyed for another warehouse. The largest oak we measured there had a 46" diameter at breast height (DBH). (A 250 year old oak can be 27" DBH.)

A just 6" Garry oak qualifies as a “significant tree” …

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Due Friday, 30 July: public comments about another Woodbrook warehouse

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Application LU-21-00080 for grocery warehouse in Woodbrook neighborhood

Applicant: James Guerrero, architect on Lakewood’s Planning Commission

Deadline for public comments: this Friday, 30 July, 5 p.m. — be sure to get a receipt and send in well before 5 p.m.

LETTER TEMPLATE BELOW: please cut and paste, and modify as you wish. Use as much or as little as you want.

If case of any problems or questions, contact us here.

Woodbrook property

The architect who sits on Lakewood’s Planning Commission has …

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news from the City: Alfaretta update

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This morning someone from the planning department called me to tell me that indeed, the oak cutting at Alfaretta was indeed illegal, that code enforcement will be sent out today and that the owner will be fined. I do not know yet how much, nor whether the tree-cutting company will also be fined.

She also told me something to the effect that the owner would be instructed not to do anything else to the property until her application is decided on, and appeal process over, if that happens.

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